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Abel E. 

Dr. Felix Sigal is a excellent foot surgeon. He helped me regain my foot health, I had two foot surgeries on my feet. Both had diabetic plantar ulcers that were not healing. Dr. Sigal gave me some strict but effective instructions and I followed them. After the first surgery I was doubtful, a month later I began to see the difference finally my feet were healing. Four months later my foot was healed and went ahead with the second foot surgery on my other foot. Once again Dr. Signal gave me the same instructions and said trust the process. Once again he was right. My foot began healing after a month. Soon later I was walking again. It was not easy, but if you follow his instructions he will get you back on your feet. I owe Dr. Sigal  so much, I’m very thankful I met him when I did, Thanks again Dr. Sigal. If your having any issues with your feet I strongly recommend you stop by the foot and ankle clinic Dr. Sigal is the best at what he does. He cares about his patients and that’s the reason he is Strick if you follow his process he will heal your feet or any issue you might be having… I can show you some pics of my feet, but some people won’t be able to bare looking at open wounds.so I won’t but, Dr. Sigal is a great foot surgeon period….

Eden C.

I have nothing but pleasant things to say about the doctor and his staff. Everyone was very nice and very helpful. For me, one of the most important things is not to have to go to the office and wait forever, I was in and out of there within 30 minutes and I got exactly what I needed. Not sure what those other reviewers are looking for, I was looking for help with my foot problems and that’s exactly what I got. I’m not looking to make new friends. And if I was, rest assured the staff was very friendly. Highly recommend.

Jorge Chavez

I have been coming here for the past 4 years. Dr. Sigal and his staff are the best and treat every one like family. I am a diabetic with chronic foot problems.Dr. Sigal has saved my foot from amputations on several occasion due to foot ulcers and infections, but the one thing is that Dr. Sigal he will not give up and tries everything in his arsenal to save toes and feet. So if your in need or know any one that’s in need of a podiatrist you should call and make an appointment. One last thing every time I get hospitalized for foot issues Dr. Sigal is the only doctor that has gone to the hospital to see how I’m doing and to see if there’s anything he can do to help Dr. Sigal truly cares about his patients for that I appreciate all that he does and would never go any where else.

Miriam Montes

Dr. Felix Sigal and their staff are nice helpful and respectful the give the patients the best care I would highly recommend them they’re really good at their job

Mathew in bell flower – Mar 16, 2018

Dr. Sigal has been my podiatrist since he saw me in the hospital. I had a really bad callus that turned into a ulcer I had gone to other podiatrist that just wanted to amputate, when I saw Dr. at the hospital he told me there was hope to save my foot. I am thankful for him because he was able to save my foot. I recommend him to all my friends and family, always look for a second option

Jeffery in LOS ANGELES – Feb 08, 2018

I came in with two wounds on my feet, I was able to get an appointment fast. I did not have to wait for so long in the waiting room, Dr.Sigal took his time and explain to me how, my wound should be healing and how I am suppose to treat it. They made sure I have authorization to get seen so I have no issue with my appointments or getting canceled. Everyone in the office is so nice and office is clean well taken care of. The best choice I ever made was coming to him, I no longer have my wounds.

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